Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Rest of the Family

So this blog is obviously about my new star, my beloved Yoda. But from the looks of it you woulda thunk that she is the only one occupying my heart. Not so...

Here is a little intro to the other pets that have filled my life with love and joy!


My first ever pet and biggest love is a sweet little scaredy-cat who has decided to stay kitten sized forever. She is a tabby and her name was initially Chloe but it never quite stuck. Eventually her name ended up to be "Tomayitsa", which is the Greek word (in baby language) for saying "traumatized little thing". (Yes, I am Greek) The root word being trauma. Trauma - toma... you get the picture :)

My mom and I found her at the SPCA 9 years ago and the moment I took her out of the cage she latched herself onto my chest like a suction cup and never let go. At 9 years old, I can still pick her up and cradle her in my arms like a baby and she will purr like a motor engine. She truly acts like she is so vulnerable, but we all know she runs the show!

She is generally quite shy but and has lots of quirks like she loves fish but she won't eat salmon. She loves to sleep on my tummy, but she will wait patiently for me to get covered with the sheet before she crawls on me. And she is scared and runs away from anything and everything even me after soooo many years yet she walked right up to Yoda the other day to sniff her face... please explain!

Without further a-do...

Itty bitty pretty tiny little kitty

Oh hai! You trying to read?

Mysterious kitty is fairer than a bride behind her veil


Back in 2007 I bought a pretty little baby cockatiel  from a breeder and I called her Gucci. I swear we were the best of pals from day 1. We ate together, showered together and hung out together everywhere. She would stick her head under my fingers as I typed demanding pets. A month after I adopted her, she was suddenly quiet one morning. When I went to check up on her, her paw was frozen stiff. I immediately took her to the exotic bird vet and she told me that she had gout, a rare condition for a baby bird. She basically told me that she would live in pain all her life as the shards of salt that had formed in her flesh couldn't be removed even if I treated her and that I should put her down. I walked in with a baby and walked out with a box. Saddest day of my life ever, I felt like a failure for not being able to save her.

Everyone, including the vet, told me to go back to the breeder and ask for a new bird since I was still covered by the health guarantee, or to get a refund. Couldn't do it. I didn't want just any bird, it was her I had grown attached to. It's not that easy to replace someone (or an animal) you loved that you lost.

What a pretty thing she was. 

A good year later, I finally had the courage to buy another cockatiel and I named him Dolce. I had him for a little over 2 years and one winter morning, despite my multiple warnings, my dear mother-in-law forgot the door open while he was out of his cage... I don't believe in disrespecting my elders, but I pretty much gave her a piece of my mind that time...and I am pretty sure I no longer have the heart to get another bird this point. (sticky note to self: add photo later on)


These are such a fun creative way for me to express my moods. I am no expert when it comes to taking care of fish but I try my best to give fish lotsa breathing and swimming room.

This is my 15 gallon beta tank, I think it's pretty sweet! As you can tell I am a pretty huge spongebob squarepants fan, despite being a 30 year old lawyer, I keep the child in me well nourished!

And this is the 30 gallon asian-themed zen aquarium in which I keep 3 platties, but I am considering changing the type of fish I keep as they are pretty sensitive:

And that's about it! Hope you enjoyed meeting my loves!

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  1. Your cat is adorable! Sorry to hear about your birdies. I used to work with a board certified avian veterinarian. I love birds! And you're beta is probably the luckiest fish ever! Awesome tank!