Friday, May 10, 2013

Discrimination SUCKS!

A friend forwarded a link to a newspaper article today. No intro, no words, no reason.

I click on the link and what do I see... Pitbulls blamed for mauling of jogger.

I read further down and what do I read... the "pitbulls" were owned by a man who was growing and dealing drugs, and they were roaming free and patrolling the grounds....

No proof that the dogs were "pitbulls", no photo, no nothing. Who knows what they were!!


First of all, any dog owned by a criminal for protection and guarding of the sort will be aggressive. They have been MADE into attack dogs by the humans who use them!! Who knows if these dogs had been abused? The media doesn't talk about that.

Also, responsible owners don't allow their dogs to be free outside. Any dog relegated to live outside in the yard and be off-leash will have the the propensity to become territorial and aggressive.

Then I get a comment, "pitbulls do this all the time, I will get a pet canary instead."

Yeah, you do that!

Why send me this message? Is this a subliminal way of saying I made a wrong decision for rescuing my pit bull mix dog? or to somehow scare me, intimidate me or judge me?

Well, it won't work.

I will challenge those preconceived notions, time and time again. And I told him so.

Punish the deed, not the breed!!!


  1. You should just ignore the are so right "punish the deed, NOT the breed!"
    Barks and licks and love,

  2. America pit bull terror are such a loving breed, It's a shame that so many people are blinded by fear from the media and are so quick to judge you for it.

    "Live and learn"

    Words to live by^

    1. Lol, I know you must have made a typo, but I sure hope you meant "terrier" and not "terror". But you are right, ppl are blinded from misinformation

  3. This stupid stuff is very frustrating :( But this is why it's so important for people to get to know well-behaved pittie types like me and Yoda! A lot of people just don't know any better until they meet some pitbulls in real life and find out we're a lot more sweet than scary :)

  4. Absolutely. To counter the articles, i sent a few photos of Yoda cuddling up with me and said OMG look, I am being attacked by my pitbull... they laughed and found it funny...not sure if they are converted yet though

  5. UGH....I hate this crap! Couldn't the headline read "Drug dealer lets dogs loose to maul jogger"? The media has to grab on to these stories and sensationalize them. They are a huge part of the problem. How many people don't read beyond the headline to see the real story? I could go on and on, it makes me so mad....and I don't even have a pit bull! But I would adopt one in a second if I had room for any more in my household.