Wednesday, June 12, 2013

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: So Many Shoes!

Who is this good dog choosing to lie in her crate to chew on her antler when there are so many delicious shoes lying around? Yoda, the well-behaved dog that's who! She loves shoes too much to ruin them! Whatta good dog she is!! Yes she IS!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Ruuv Her, I Do

You know those photos people take when they meet a celebrity? Well here I am pictured with my biggest star, Yoda. Unfortunately, she was not disposed to give out an autograph.

My hubby took us to the Star Wars Identities Exhibition in Ottawa as part of my birthday celebration and we picked up some cool merch, including this Yoda t-shirt and a Yoda mug. :)

I am mos def this dog's biggest admirer! 

(In case anyone spied the silver table in the background, that's one of my first DIY projects, a mahogany vanity table refinished by hand with silver leaf.)

Yoda? Squeeable's June pet of the Month? YES!

Hi guys!

Our good friend Ann who runs a wonderful blog about pets over at Just So Squeeable hosted a poll for the "pet of the month" based on the pets featured in May. They were all so darn cute!

Yoda won first place and is being featured in the blog for the whole month of June, that's so awesome!

Thank you to everyone who voted, little things like this really make one smile!

Yoda says thanks in her usual humble & cute fashion!