Wednesday, June 12, 2013

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: So Many Shoes!

Who is this good dog choosing to lie in her crate to chew on her antler when there are so many delicious shoes lying around? Yoda, the well-behaved dog that's who! She loves shoes too much to ruin them! Whatta good dog she is!! Yes she IS!


  1. Hey Yoda! This is Nikita over here at Nikitaland! Come check out my blog when you get the chance! I saw you on the Blog Hop!

  2. Good girl, Yoda! Shoes do have a very nice, tempting smell...I don't ever chew them, but I have been known to relocate a shoe or two ;)

    1. LOL that's hilarious... oh shoe! Gonna just take this and move it't mind me lol!

  3. Such a good girl Yoda is! Huh, our Golden Moses also likes to relocate shoes. He also doesn't chew them, but there's nothing like trying to put a wet slipper on your foot....

  4. I just came across your blog, Yoda is so darn cute! And yes, very well-behaved:D

  5. Yoda is such a good girl. I think Phe would have destroyed all of the shoes! Better yet, I know she would have!