Thursday, May 2, 2013

Summer Playtime

Yesterday was the first time playing in a fenced in yard with Yoda. We normally go for long walks, but we were visiting at my mom's and she has a lovely (and huge) fully enclosed backyard fit for a fun game of fetch and some grass baths.

Summer drinks on the terrasse anyone? Doggy sangria coming right up! 
(For anyone wondering who that hunk is, that's my hubby! lol)

Yoda sensing a disturbance in the force, or maybe just Mommy's thoughts of where she hid the treats

Sooooooooooo happy! Toys, grass, sun and love!

It's hard work being so cute.

Thanks to the wonderful posts by Bren at Pibbles n Me, I realized that protecting our dogs, especially the ones with short hair, from sun exposure is vital. You can read more about sunburns here and about heatstrokes here

Luckily our girl was only in the sun for a while. We normally go out early morning or in the evening, but I will be taking some extra protective measures for next time we are out for some fun in the sun!


  1. Awww Yoda is just adorable! Thanks for the shout out gf!

  2. Hi, just ventured over from The Lazy Pit Bull! Yoda is a beauty! :)

    1. Hi there and thank you! awesome, thanks for venturing over! hope you come back again.

  3. Oh my dog! She does look like Yoda!

    When I clicked your name on my blog's comment, it sent me to your previous site. It re-routed me, which is great, but you might take a look at how that's set up.

    1. You're right. I wasn't too sure how else to redirect in blogger. Doesn't seem to redirect automatically. I updated it by adding a clickable link to the new blog address. Still getting a hang of this thing! lol thanks for coming by!!