Monday, May 27, 2013

Healthy, Home-Made AND Yummy Dog Treats!

Hi friends,

Just posting a little bloggy post to talk about some yummy home made treat ideas for your pups!

My Yoda is very food motivated, and by very, I mean she salivates at the mere thought of food crossing MY mind, let alone hers! So I am thinking of fun new meals to feed her that I know will make her happy!

Right now she is eating Lamb & Rice kibble but once every few days I come up with a new treat for her to eat.

As a supper idea:
  • chicken liver 
  • green and red peppers caps left over from our supper (good source of vitamin C and Beta Carotene)
  • steel-cut cooked oats 
My hubby quickly seared the liver, then he put it in the Ninja and chopped it up lightly and she ate it all up!

Least week I made a yummy doggy desert made of:
  • cooked eggs
  • no-fat plain Greek yogurt
  • steel-cut cooked oats
  • natural peanut butter 
  • bit of cinnamon to taste
All whipped up together in the blender and she gobbled it up in a second.  

Tonight I am planning on making something that even I find yummers!
Sweet potato & peanut butter mashed up and baked into little treat cookies!
The mixture can also be placed in an ice cube tray and once frozen you can put the cubes in your pup's Kong so she can work away at it.  Yummy AND mentally stimulating!!

Other interesting mixtures that I want to try out in either cookes or frozen form are:

Sweet potato and apples
Sweet potato and carrots
Plain yogurt and apples
Carrots and apples
Yogurt and mashed banana

I will keep you posted on my recipe and how it turns out, with photos too!


  1. I've been trying homemade treats too! I have been reading so many scary stories about the ingredients in commercial pet foods.
    We are looking forward to your recipes

    1. Thanks lady!! Absolutely, I am scared of the ingredients labels of human food, let alone dog food... beef meal, animal liver... animal liver? as in... chicken liver or unnammed indescript animal, i.e. roadkill, liver?...what the heck? Or corn this, corn that... it's scary indeed!!
      Check out my post!! let me know what you think!

  2. Sounds yummy! I'm sure Shiner would gobble them right up!

    1. I sure hope he would lol! Though Yoda might hip-bump him out of the way, those are MAAHH cookies!! lol