Tuesday, April 30, 2013

PET WARS: A New Hope

So how do you get your dog and cat to get along when your cat is infinitessimally outraged you brought a fire-breathing dragon home to her lair and your dog is ravenous to shower the cat with kisses?

Why, do what any self-respecting mom would do, of course! Drug them both with the most potent of species-specific psychedelic substances!

Here, Yoda is completely immersed in chewing her bone (it's actually a Wapiti antler) meanwhile Tomayitsa, our 9yo cat is a-plotting something from afar in a rather dark side-esque fashion


Tastefully lay out a bucket of catnip and the kitty trap is laid. Beast = catnip = heaven = love.

Thus, beast = love

And so, after 3 weeks of fearful avoidance and rotating schedules visiting her minions (that's us by the way), the dark side quietly approached the light.

To be continued...

Anyone have a story to share about how they got their cats and dogs to interact peacefully? I'd love to hear!

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